Is keeping track of your projects keeping you up all night?

You need Project Tracker, our incredibly efficient Web-based order tracking system you can access anytime, from virtually anywhere.

Where's my stuff?

Project Tracker knows.

You know the drill. You need to know where your project order stands, so you call your building supplier. After sitting on hold for what seems like forever, you finally talk to a customer service person who tells you they think your order is in the pipeline. But they can’t tell you when the carrier will deliver it, or exactly what the shipment contains. Project Tracker helps you stay up-to-date on the design, manufacturing and delivery stages of your project. It lets you monitor the order flow process and determine exactly where your order is — anytime. Input from project clarification, scheduling, design, drafting, manufacturing and finally shipping is updated every 24 hours. Once your order is delivered, Project Tracker also helps you quickly locate parts on the job site. It tells you which parts are on each truck and which box contains specific parts. Every nut and bolt is accounted for. 

Yes, Project Tracker is cool. But it’s also functional. Just like TALON®, our proprietary design, estimating and ordering software. TALON helps you plan your order — efficiently and accurately — before you place it. When you build with American Buildings Company, you get much more than high quality building components, a wide range of building types and design flexibility. You get industry-leading support, dedicated customer service and current technology that set you above your competition.