Unlock the power and opportunity of top-quality products and professional services.

As an American Builder, you count on American Buildings Company to give you the professional support and specialized tools you need to succeed in the competitive commercial building industry.

At the core of the American Buildings Company network is TALON®, our industry leading proprietary design, pricing and specifying system that unleashes Builders’ productivity and profits.
The best way to take advantage of TALON®’s capabilities is to attend an Access TALON® workshop. This comprehensive, hands-on training program is your key to unlocking the power and opportunity American brings to its Builders with TALON®.

Access TALON® gives you a special insider’s view of American Buildings Company. It gives you detailed information on the hundreds of products, services and support tools available to you as an American Builder. More important, it teaches you how to turn each product, service and tool into profit and success by helping you:

  • Increase the number of projects you build every year.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with top quality, professionally engineered products supplied by American Buildings Company.
  • Boost your project efficiency by teaming the strengths of American with the strengths of your company.


Plus, you will leave the Access TALON® program fully skilled in operating American’s design, estimating and ordering software.

A real workshop

Everyone who attends Access TALON® is provided a computer for use during the program. It is a true workshop where participants learn about products, product applications and software operation.

  • Product Configuration takes a detailed look at items such as open areas, shop-located accessories and framing options, helping students understand their options and the impact of each choice on their projects.
  • TALON® Scope shows students how to use TALON® to its fullest potential to support their selling and construction activities by exploring engineering drawings, sales drawings, AutoCAD interface, design optimization, reports, standard drawings and more.
  • Loads & Codes builds the understanding necessary to comply with the code requirements you must meet in your market. This topic will help you learn how to complete the permit process without costly errors and will help you discover how to assure your customer a responsible and accurate design customized specifically to their needs. Credibility in design and compliance with code requirements will distance you from your competition and assure your customers quality in design.
  • Communications explores order documentation, sketches, notations, clarification, order processing, revisions, policy, terms of sale and other vital topics, with a focus on forming a true partner relationship with American Buildings Company to help minimize errors and costly misunderstandings.
  • Special Inquiries presents an example project that includes a broad variety of “special” aspects and shows how to communicate those needs using the ABC eSQRAC tool.
  • Price Optimization shows students how to meet price demands without compromising design integrity. Using a simulated bid scenario, students learn how to reduce price without compromising key customer needs. 

The power is yours with Access TALON®

This program includes three days of intense skill development and understanding to master the use of TALON. Students apply program developed knowledge to market realistic case study examples of construction projects typical to those you will find in your marketplace. A strong background in computer operation is not necessary.

Access TALON®: Who needs it?

You do! American’s Access TALON® program is designed for owners, managers, designers, estimators, project managers and selling professionals. Everyone in a Builder’s organization who needs to understand the products and services available from American Buildings Company will benefit from the program.

Don’t wait to register! Attendance at all Access TALON® programs is limited to assure everyone gets individual attention. The program registration fee for the Access TALON® workshop is $695 per person. This includes comprehensive training materials and use of training computers.

Program Overview

Access TALON® covers:

  • Basic Load Data Specification
  • Primary Structural Framing
  • Span Configuration
  • Bay Configuration
  • Structural End Framing
  • Secondary Wall Framing Configuration
  • Bracing Configuration
  • Open Area Configuration
  • Roof Covering Systems
  • Wall Covering Systems
  • Roof & Wall Accessories
  • Structural Accessories (Canopies & Facades)
  • Engineering Drawings & Documentation
  • Component Parts
  • Load Data & Configuration Specification for Special Features
  • Cranes
  • Mezzanines
  • Adjacent Structures
  • Concentrated Collateral Load
  • Special Structural Adaptations