IAS Accreditation


If you're a construction engineer, architect or building owner, you know quality is important. But how can you be certain your building supplier is delivering on its quality promise?

By choosing an International Accreditation Service (IAS) AC472 accredited manufacturer, you'll be working with a company that knows quality building systems and has the expertise, resources and infrastructure to provide quality work.

You get all this and more when you choose American Buildings Company. All four American Buildings Company (ABC) Divisions have achieved accreditation under the International Accreditation Service (IAS) AC472 Inspection Program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems. As an IAS accredited company, ABC is committed to quality, skilled workmanship and customer satisfaction


In short, IAS accreditation criteria (AC472) signify metal building systems credibility and quality assurance.

IAS AC472 was developed specifically for metal building systems. It covers structural welding (modeled after AC172), cold form steel fabrication and engineering. To achieve accreditation, a manufacturer must have in place a comprehensive quality assurance program unequaled in the marketplace.

This comprehensive accreditation program is based on Chapter 17 of the International Building Code. It provides code officials with a means to approve the inspection programs of manufacturers involved in metal building systems fabrication.

IAS accreditation measures a manufacturer's ability to conform to approved construction documents and building code standards. IAS staff verifies their compliance through onsite assessment and periodic monitoring by IAS accredited third-party inspection agencies. These assessments observe and report:

  • Engineering practices
  • Welding procedure specifications
  • Welder qualifications and training records
  • Mill test reports
  • Welding machine calibration
  • Welder position charts (continuity log)
  • Material storage
  • In-process and final inspection
  • Product traceability
  • Internal auditing
  • Record keeping
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Management review
  • Vendor evaluations
  • Ability to manufacture buildings in accordance with approved plans and technical standards


These internal and external reviews help manufacturers improve production practices and product quality, bringing a hands-on approach to the accreditation procedure.

AC472 accredited firms such as American Buildings Company have been rigorously examined to confirm that they have the knowledge, skills, capabilities, infrastructure, experience, procedures, equipment, and commitment to produce work of the required quality.


AC472 addresses quality management system elements for engineering, fabrication and shop practices, personnel requirements, materials certification process control and technical requirements. IAS Accreditation:

  • Assures compliance with special inspection requirements in Chapter 17 of the International Building Code
  • Eliminates the need for additional inspections
  • Verifies that manufacturers are knowledgeable about code requirements
  • Saves money otherwise spent on code compliance of metal building fabrication
  • Expedites the approval process
  • Confirms that metal building manufacturers have a qualified staff and a well-managed quality control system
  • Provides confidence in working with an ICC subsidiary and organization that has served building departments for over a quarter-century



ICC International Accreditation Service (IAS) accredits inspection programs of metal building manufacturers, fabricator inspection programs, testing and calibration laboratories, inspection agencies, building departments and IBC special inspection agencies. A recognized accreditation body since 1975, IAS is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation. IAS is one of the leading accreditation bodies in the United States and a signatory to several international mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs).

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