FastFlex Structures
Metal Buildings Designed for Fast Delivery

At American Buildings, we are aware of the need for buildings delivered in an unusually short period of time. In an effort to meet this critical need, we have developed FastFlex™ Structures line of products, which includes the FastFlex™ 40’x40’ Modular Building System and FastFlex™ Pre-Fabricated Buildings.

Potential Applications for FastFlex Buildings

• Screenings
• Temporary Offices
• Isolation Centers
• Drive-Thru Testing
• Supply Storage
• Insurance Companies
• Triage
• Medical Supplies
• Food Supplies

FastFlex Modular Buildings

Fast Buildings with Flexible Layout Options
The FastFlex modular style buildings are single slope, 40′ x 40′ buildings, with the option to add unlimited 20′ bays. They have a 15’ 8” high eave and include three frames, sub-structure, wall and roof panels, and can accommodate various doors and windows.

These structures may also be connect by width or length. This allows for immense flexibility in the layout and configuration of your facility. These buildings can be fabricated and delivered anywhere in the United States in as little as three weeks.

FastFlex Rapid Response Steel Buildings

Coming Soon:
FastFlex Pre-Fabricated Metal Buildings

Your Easy Building Solution for Critical Needs
FastFlex Pre-Fabricated Buildings are pre-assembled, single slope steel buildings that are 11’ wide by 27’ long, with a 11’-3 ½” eave height. This size allows them to be shipped on a standard flatbed semi-trailer.

FastFlex Pre-Fabricated Buildings arrive fully assembled, including a B-Deck floor system. Two buildings can be connected at the high sidewall to create a 22’ x 27’ gabled, clear span building. FastFlex Pre-Fabricated Buildings are the fastest, easiest solution for critical needs, and can be delivered anywhere in the United States within a few weeks.

All FastFlex products are designed, detailed and fabricated in the United States by thousands of proud U.S. teammates from 100% U.S. made steel.

Steel Modular Buildings


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