AdobeTexture™ Wall Panel Finish

AdobeTexture factory finish coated wall panels offer a low gloss, multi-textured profile and finish system that simulates a troweled stucco appearance. This is a premium coating which is applied to the HE40 Heavy Embossed Flat Profile panel. This unique process eliminates the need for additional or factory applied stucco coatings.

The panel’s exterior stucco-like surface is a hard aggregated fiber-reinforced polymer finish. This factory-applied finish combines an attractive appearance with durability, resisting the effect of impact, abrasion and weather. The interior panel face is finished in the Plank Profile and can act as a finished interior wall. The AdobeTexture insulated wall panels deliver excellent energy efficiency. The factory-applied joint sealant provides a complete wall-system weather barrier.

HE40 panels with AdobeTexture are available in thicknesses of 2″-4″ ; 40″ in width; and lengths from 8′ – 56′

AdobeTexture Panel  Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for field coatings
  • Breakthrough technology bringing stucco look and texture to insulated wall panels
  • Same easy installation as standard insulated wall panels
  • Eliminates multi-step field assembly currently needed for stud and stucco systems
  • Self-alignment double tongue and groove with concealed fastener joints
  • Matching AdobeTexture trim for a clean, continuous look and feel
  • 25 year factory warranty on finish system including adhesion, chalking and fading