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TrueCore is a sister company to American Buildings. TrueCore’s comprehensive insulated panel product line serves a broad range of markets, including the commercial, industrial, manufacturing and cold storage industries. With TrueCore, you have a predictable supplier for your primary building materials – streamlining your construction process, and helping to eliminate needless delays.

Innovative Production Capabilities

The experts at TrueCore developed several production innovations that offer unique manufacturing capabilities. This cutting-edge technology allows us to offer insulated panels up to 44″ wide, in lengths up to 70′, with thicknesses from 2″-8″. This is an incredible product solution and can reduce installation costs and time on the jobsite. All panels feature Class 1 rated Polyisocyanurate foam-in-place insulation, and double tongue & groove for concealed fastening.

Streamlining Your Construction Process

Using products from many different suppliers on one project can create confusion, or lead to conflicts and construction delays. As part of the Nucor family, American Buildings and TrueCore work hand in hand, so compatibility is assured. The insulated panels we offer our customers are crafted by a team of employees that are cared for and invested, resulting in dependable products and reliable customer service.

Better Production Control

Timing is everything, and control of our production schedule means shorter lead times. TrueCore’s unique manufacturing process and controlled production facility allows for built-in efficiencies that improve fabrication timing. With full control of our production schedule, we can better adapt our schedule to yours. At American Buildings, our focus remains on our consistent quality, reducing lead times, and providing dependable fabrication & delivery dates for our customers.


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