Building Strategic Partnerships through National Accounts

Connect with our team of experienced, knowledgeable metal building professionals for your national projects

American Buildings National Accounts is a precise, scalable, single-source building program that can provide cost-effective solutions for complex building projects as well as those requiring multiple buildings across a regional or national geography. Our complete building program can deliver the buildings you need, on time, and within budget, with accuracy, expertise, professionalism, and, of course, cost efficiency.

Benefits of Our National Accounts Team

American Buildings has the people, products and builder partners to fulfill the visions of National Accounts, and our customers benefit from our depth of resources and strategic relationships across various industries. With American, you get all the safety, durability and value of metal with all the beauty and design flexibility of traditional building materials. This means more than aesthetics, as American Buildings serves as the single source of responsibility for the entire building shell — eliminating confusion, delays and cost duplication — saving you time and money.

National Account Client Programs

For customers who buy many buildings that are similar in design we offer Program Accounts. Program Accounts are accounts who buy buildings that our design team, working closely with the customer, can develop prototype buildings that can then be delivered with predictable pricing, schedules, and performance. We also offer Project Accounts, which are for customers who do many projects that are uniquely different from each other.

Whether our customers use prototypes or require unique facilities across the country, these organizations face many challenges; including changing environmental loads, application of building codes, and available suitable land. The National Accounts team having early involvement in the building development aides in proper coordination of the appropriate Building Partner to streamline multi-location projects.

Our National Accounts Team

Our National Account managers are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who successfully meet the building needs of leading companies throughout North America. Paramount to its success is the extensive national network of trained, experienced Builder Partners who are committed to efficient project coordination, effective communication, skilled scheduling, quick and accurate building erection.

National Account Buildings by American Buildings Company

Certified Installer Program to Ensure Proper Building Construction

American Buildings Certified Installer Certification Program (CICP) is the leading program in the country. CICP is a comprehensive classroom and hands-on training program which covers the keys to proper roof installation. Smart National Account clients insist on a manufactured certified installer be part of their roof system installation.



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