The American Buildings Company National Accounts program was established to identify, develop and create an awareness and buying preference with companies building regionally and nationally. With a team of National Account Sales Managers, we work closely with major corporations and end owners to cultivate relationships and position ABC as the industry leader in custom metal building solutions.

The Role of ABC’s National Accounts Team

Fortune 1000 companies, ENR 400 Contractors and firms with multi-site construction projects depend upon ABC National Accounts for timely and cost effective solutions to their business requirements. Our role in serving you:

  • The National Accounts team of professionals focuses on turning owner’s vision for their structure into reality.
  • National Accounts understands that the driving need behind each construction project is the enclosure of a critical business process, which along with the structure must provide value through an appropriate return on investment.
  • While companies may use similar methods to achieve their new structures, every project has its own unique challenges. National Accounts Managers listen carefully and interact with each client to understand their specific project challenges in cooperative collaboration to set a course for success from the onset.

ABC National Account Clients

  • National Companies with Building Programs – Whether these firms use prototypes or require unique facilities across the country, these organizations face many challenges; including changing environmental loads, application of building codes, and available suitable land. The National Accounts team having early involvement in the building development aides in proper coordination of the appropriate Building Partner to streamline multi-location projects.
  • World Class General Contractors/Construction Managers/Program Managers – These key owner’s representatives must deliver their clients buildings on time, under budget, every time. Often these projects require special communications and execution of complex details to achieve the required success. Fundamental to the National Account program is attention to both the owner’s requirements and the representative’s need to perform.
  • Regional Firms with Multi-site Locations – These firms have every bit the same challenges as national firms, and while they may not address them as often, they truly benefit from the experience of the National Accounts team’s professional guidance and coordination.

Keys to ABC’s Successful National Accounts Program

Our Strong Networking Capabilities

American Buildings Company National Accounts is the top networking program in the industry. Paramount to its success is the extensive national network of trained, experienced Builder Partners who are committed to efficient project coordination, effective communication, skilled scheduling, quick and accurate building erection.

Several National Manufacturing Locations

American Buildings Company production facilities are strategically located to effectively serve all of the United States and Canada. Each facility has a full complement of seasoned veterans experienced in meeting the most demanding product specifications.

Our National Accounts Managers

This team includes experienced and knowledgeable sales professionals who have successfully met the building needs of leading companies throughout North America.

Benefits of ABC’s National Accounts Program

A Multitude of Cost Effective Solutions

  • Flexible interior space free from columns
  • Manufacturing facilities with multiple cranes
  • Large clear span aircraft hangars
  • Indoor athletic facilities
  • Million square foot distribution centers

Certified Installer Program to Ensure Proper Installation

American Buildings Company Certified Installer Certification Program (CICP) is the leading program in the country. CICP is a comprehensive classroom and hands-on training program which covers the keys to proper roof installation. Smart National Accounts clients insist on a manufactured certified installer be part of their roof system installation.

Life-Cycle Cost Savings

Time, as well as modern testing procedures, has proven that the Galvalume Standing Seam Roof System delivers unsurpassed longevity and low maintenance costs. No other roof system can provide the low in-place costs, 20 to 50 year life cycle, and, maintenance cost one-half to one-third less then other systems.

ABC is here to help you create successful building programs

We do custom engineering with BIM 3D building design. We offer complete building programs. But, most importantly – we do it right.
American Buildings Company National Accounts is a precise, scalable, single-source building program that can provide cost-effective solutions for complex building projects as well as those requiring multiple buildings across a regional or national geography. Our complete building program can deliver the buildings you need, on time, and within budget, with accuracy, expertise, professionalism, and, of course, cost efficiency.

You might be able to find a company that can accomplish this in one location or another, but what about more than 30 locations across the country simultaneously? We can do it affordably, while making your job easier at the same time. In fact, we can design a building program that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. From custom engineering; to quality plans; to capable, dependable builders; to durable, attractive buildings we’re the complete package. We’re the company you need to get the buildings you want, without the headaches and cost overruns you don’t.

Just a few reasons why ABC should be your steel building supplier of choice:

  • Single-source provider
  • Capabilities for larger, more complex structures
  • Heavy fabrication division
  • Material cost savings
  • Pre-construction services – location specific
  • Life-cycle cost saving
  • Warranties
  • Trained & experienced Builders—national, regional or local
  • Experienced & knowledgeable National Accounts team with leading companies throughout the US and Canada

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