ABC Custom Steel Buildings: Available in All Types

American Buildings Can Do It All

American building systems are constructed in many different shapes and sizes for many applications, from manufacturing and distribution centers, retail and commercial facilities, offices and schools, recreation centers and self-storage facilities, to healthcare and correctional institutions.

We have the advanced design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to be a single-source supplier for a wide range of metal building systems. Our buildings can be readily combined with traditional materials such as brick, stone, glass or wood to meet any appearance requirement.

Commercial & Retail

With appearance and working efficiency being central to successful commercial or retail buildings, the complete flexibility offered by American building systems for exterior appearance, together with convenient and inviting interior layouts, maximizes usable space and provides a winning combination and solution for commercial and retail needs.

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Office Metal Buildings

Office building systems by American are designed to provide efficient workspace while creating a favorable exterior impression, key goals in office building construction. Through ease of erection, on-site time and labor costs are minimized, yielding faster occupancy.

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Athletic & Recreation

Custom-designed clear span systems of American buildings meet all open playing and spectator space needs, along with locker, child-care, lounge, foodservice and other related facility requirements. Our versatile metal building solutions  are ideal for arenas, indoor football and soccer facilities, ice hockey, tennis, swimming and diving venues, track and field and many more uses.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Clear span spaces, long bays, mezzanines, high eave heights— American can meet any functional requirement such as rack storage or conveyors while allowing for maximum usable storage capacity and operating efficiency, all with a high-tech, aesthetic exterior look.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

Offering complete flexibility of layout and workflow, American building systems allow for use of cranes and other heavy equipment as required in most manufacturing and industrial applications, while also allowing for fast, economical future building expansion if required.

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Aviation & Transportation

American building systems provide full layout flexibility and clear span capabilities to meet all the functional requirements, such as adequate fleet space and program needs of modern aviation facilities, while allowing for maximization of interior space usage at lower total life cycle costs than other building types.

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Agricultural Metal Buildings

For most agricultural bulk storage needs, such as storing grain, soybeans, peanuts, cottonseed, or corn, American can provide lighter loadbearing structures, as well as a variety of storage shed options.

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Government & Institutional 

To create facilities flexible enough for multiple applications and a variety of uses under one roof, American building systems offer complete freedom of design, both internally and for the exterior, that allow for minimum maintenance and flexible, cost-efficient future expansion opportunities.

We can help government, education and non-profit agencies with  facility project needs through our Sourcewell pre-engineered buildings contract.  Learn more about how Sourcewell can satisfy your competitive bid requirements and simplify the extensive bid process.

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