Energy Code Solutions for Metal Buildings

American Buildings has assembled a dedicated team of energy experts equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you navigate the increasingly complex energy regulations

The two most common energy codes used to outline minimum requirements for energy-efficient low-rise construction are ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC. These two entities address energy conservation requirements for commercial and residential construction – including heating & ventilation, lighting, water heating, and power usage. However, many states are choosing to update their regulations and adhere to newer, more rigorous codes. It is important to check the local regulations and requirements before beginning a construction project – and that is where we come in. American’s dedicated energy team is available to assist you through this process.

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American Buildings’ Products Can Help You Meet Your State’s Energy Requirements

We understand that there is a lot of information you need to know, and a variety of actions you need to take in order to make your state’s energy code regulations. That’s why our energy team is continuously looking for ways to make it easier for you to make your building more energy-efficient. Take a look at some of the products American Buildings offers to help you meet code in nearly any condition:

  Insulated Metal Panels offer insulation continuity with no gaps, no cavities, no crushed insulation, and no cold bridges  – giving you reliable the thermal performance you need for your building.  Our insulated panels rank as one of the most energy efficient, cost-effective building solutions on the market today.
Add More Insulation to Your Roof with ABC's R-Boost Elevated Insulation System   R-Boost is an economical roof insulation solution that allows you to add a secondary layer of blanket insulation to your roof. A bridge creates a platform for a second layer of insulation and increase thermal performance. 
High Performance Curb Mounted Prismatic Skylight   Prismatic Skylights & Daylighting can reduce annual lighting consumption – dramatically increasing your building’s energy efficiency. The diffused light into your building allows electric lights to be dimmed or turned off for a portion of the day.
Help with Energy Savings on your Building with ABC Cool Colors   Cool Coatings are a reliable, eco-efficient two-coat finish available in both SP and PVDF. This coating reflects the sun’s rays, which lowers energy costs and saves you money.

Steel Building Energy Solutions at Your Fingertips

Toolbox App for Authorized ABC Builders

Toolbox – The American Builder App

You have energy solutions right at your fingertips with American’s Toolbox app. Free and available only to Authorized Builders, Toolbox is packed with energy code information as well as many other useful tools.   More about  Toolbox


An incredibly helpful tool, COMcheck will help you determine if you are compliant with your specific energy code as well as help you decide what needs to be charged in order to become compliant. And now, COMcheck is available through both the American Toolbox as well as eQuote, our online estimating tool.


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