Curb Mounted Prismatic Skylights: Steel Building Skylights

Our Quasar Prismatic Triarch Dome Prismatic Skylight is designed to optimize lighting performance at low angles – with no moving parts. The resulting performance provides better quality light for the maximum hours per day. Our prismatic skylights allow 100% diffusion and transmit 35% more light than conventional skylights – virtually eliminating hot spots and glare within your building.

Curb Mounted Skylights Perfect for New Construction and Retrofit

Our curb mounted skylights use the highest UV-resistant materials available. The lens is double glazed with polycarbonate and acrylic, ensuring the highest visible light transmission. The prismatic dome is sealed with a silicone and urethane seal between the prismatic lenses before it is fully welded with encapsulating and insulated thermal break. There is no exposed metal, and the pre-installed foam curb gasket and curb weather sweeps mitigate condensation concerns.

Skylights with No Moving Parts

Available in five standard sizes and engineered to withstand severe weather conditions, our curb mounted prismatic skylights feature a double-glazed prismatic lens that achieves a Class 4 Impact Zone glazing rating. This high-performance design has no moving parts and is 50% stronger than required by any building code.

Standard Sizes for Curb Mounted Prismatic Skylights

Size ID  Frame Call-out
6072 64 1/4″ x 76 1/4″
4896 52 1/4″ x 100 1/4″
24120 28 1/4″ x 124 1/4″
4848 52 1/4″ x 521/4″

20 year limited warranty due to manufacturers defect
10 year hail limited warranty

American's Weathertight Roof Curb System

Safety Frame for Prismatic Skylight

A successful roof curb system is one of the key barriers against the elements for any building. It’s essential that every component is of the highest quality and able to withstand severe weather conditions. American’s roof curb system enables lightweight roof accessories such as skylights and smoke vents to be installed with any American Buildings roof panel. Each standard roof curb is shipped with mastic, tube sealant, fasteners, rib covers and insulation.

No Secondary Framing Needed

American’s roof curb system comes steel lined with an insulated curb wall and requires no secondary framing – reducing total curb installation weight. The elimination of secondary framing results in significant savings not only in material but also engineering, detailing, and construction labor. Pre-punched holes are provided around the perimeter of the curb, taking the guesswork out of fastener spacing and assuring optimum weathertightness. Internal fastening along the roof curb sides limits the number of fasteners exposed to the elements.

Fall Protection Safety Frame

One unique feature of our roof curb system is the integrated safety/security frame. Developed by engineers, this grid incorporates welded grating, further demonstrating American Buildings’ commitment to safety and innovative solutions.