American Roof Metal Panel Systems

Long Span III

Long Span III Metal Panel

An industry standard for decades, the Long Span III roof panel system allows a simple and efficient installation process. Long Span III roof panels have 1-1/4″ ribs on 12″ centers for an even-shadowed appearance. They offer 36″ width coverage, are reinforced between the ribs for added strength, and available in 26 gauge steel as standard (22 & 24 gauge can be special ordered).  Long Span III specifications

Loc Seam & Loc Seam 360

Loc Seam Standing Seam Metal Panel

Loc Seam and Loc Seam 360 standing seam roof panels offer a flat profile for a highly architecturally appealing appearance and are the ideal solution for buildings with hips and valleys. Loc Seam and Loc Seam 360 are available in 12″ or 16″ width coverage, with 2″ high ribs. Loc Seam 360 panels have full 360˚ rolled seams formed with an electrical seaming machine. This panel profile is also available with pencil ribs as an option.  Loc Seam panel specifications

Standing Seam II & Standing Seam 360

Standing Seam Metal Panel

The American Buildings Standing Seam II & Standing Seam 360 roof systems are designed to float on a system of sliding clips that prevent damage from thermal expansion and contraction. This standing seam design eliminates 80% of through-fasteners found in other systems, offering greater weathertightness. These panel systems provide 24″ width coverage with 3″ high ribs. Standing Seam 360 panels are joined by an electric seaming machine, developing a full 360˚ rolled seam – preferred by many architects and specifiers. Standing Seam panel specifications