Metal Wall Panel Systems

American Buildings metal wall panels offer a wide variety of profiles designed to complement virtually any building type. They provide aesthetic flexibility and design choices that also interface well with masonry, pre-cast, and tilt-up. To add attractive styling with cutting-edge energy efficiency, ABC also offers a full line of  insulated metal panel systems.

Long Span III Panel

Long Span III Panel

The Long Span III panel provides an even-shadowed appearance and are reinforced between the ribs for added strength. This panel offers a 36″ width coverage with 1-1/4″ ribs on 12″ centers. It is 26 gauge steel as a standard, with 22 and 24 gauge available by special order. Long Span III specifications

Architectural "V" Rib

Architectural "V" Rib Metal Panel

The Architectural “V” Rib panel provides an excellent choice for decorative wall designs with an attractive shadow pattern and semi-concealed fasteners. These panels offer 36″ of coverage with 1-5/16” high ribs on 12″ centers. The Architectural “V” Rib panel is made of 26 gauge steel, with 24 gauge available by special order.  Architecture “V” Rib specifications

Architectural III Panel

Architectural III Panel

The Architectural III panel offers a decorative shadow line with semi-concealed fasteners. These wall panels provide a 36″ width coverage with 1-1/4″ inverted ribs on 12″ centers. It is 26 gauge steel as a standard, with 22 and 24 gauge available by special order.  Architectural III specifications

Shadow Panel

Shadow Panel Concealed Fastener Wall Panel

American Shadow Panel is a concealed fastener wall system with a 16″ net width embossed finish, 3” deep and offered in 24 gauge steel. Panels have deep-fluted profiles that accent contrasting shadow patterns and are fastened to the framework from the inside leaving no exposed fasteners.  Shadow Panel specifications

Insulated Metal Panels

HE40 Heavy Embossed Insulated Metal Panel Profile

American Buildings’ insulated metal panels embody attractive styling, cutting-edge energy efficiency, and are designed with the latest scientific breakthroughs. Insulated Panels add aesthetic value, improve energy efficiency and are attractive, affordable and easy-to-install.  More about American Insulated Wall Panels

Soffit Liner Panels

Soffit Liner Panel

The American Soffit Liner panels are designed for commercial soffit, fascia or liner applications where a flush modular appearance is desired. They offer 12” coverage with a configuration of 1” interlocking ribs, with concealed fasteners. They are made of 24 gauge and available in all standard colors, or aluminum in Regal White.  Soffit Liner specifications

Multi Rib Liner Panels

Multi Rib Liner Panel


The Multi Rib Liner panel is typically provided to protect the interior of the building and is ideal for most liner applications not exposed to weather. This panel offers a 36″ width coverage with 15/16″ ribs on 6″ centers. It is available in 29 gauge (polar white and aluminum zinc coated with acrylic only) and 26 gauge steel as a standard, with 22 and 24 gauge available by special order.  Multi Rib panel specifications