Insulated Metal Wall Panels

At American Buildings, our insulated wall panels embody attractive styling with cutting-edge efficiency. Designed to accommodate the needs of virtually any building, our insulated panels are ideal for adding visual interest, while providing superior energy efficiency and a clean architectural appearance to your building. Our panels install quickly and easily, with fasteners that are concealed within the panel side joint.

TrueCore Insulated Wall Panels

American Buildings is pleased to welcome our sister division, TrueCore, a trusted manufacturer of insulated metal panels. TrueCore has gained a reputation in the industry for their outstanding products and exceptional customer service. The addition of TrueCore helps to provide better oversight of production, shortened lead times, and simplification of your overall building process. TrueCore panels are currently available as standard at our Illinois & South Carolina plants.  View our TrueCore Brochure.

TrueCore Mesa Profile - Insulated Wall Panel

Mesa Insulated Wall Panel

Mesa insulated wall panel is an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, and cold storage buildings. Its linear profile offers a clean, modern look that adds visual interest to the exterior of your building. It features a stucco embossed texture on both the exterior and interior of the panel. Panels are available in 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″, 5″, or 6″ thicknesses. Standard widths are 40″ or 44″; lengths are 8′-0″ to 53′-0″.
Mesa Panel Specifications


TrueCore Sedona Profile - Insulated Wall Panel

Sedona Insulated Wall Panel

Offering a flat exterior, Sedona insulated metal panel comes with a heavily embossed texture that mimics the look of a masonry stucco finish. It is an ideal option when design character and a natural look are desired. The 40″ wide panels are available in thicknesses of  2″, 2.5″, 3″, and 4″. Standard lengths are 8′-0″ to 40′-0″.
Sedona Panel Specifications


TrueCore Striated Insulated Metal Panel

Striated Insulated Wall Panel

Our Striated insulated wall panel offers a lightly embossed exterior that includes narrow, longitudinal striations. These striations add rigidity to help ensure an acceptable flatness tolerance to your panel. Ideal for nearly any application, Striated panels combine the aesthetics of a flat exterior appearance with the high insulation ratings of an insulated wall panel. The 40″ wide panels are available in 2″, 2.5″, 3″ or 4″ thicknesses. Standard lengths are 8′-0″ to 32′-0″.
Striated Panel Specifications


TrueCore Flat Profile - Insulated Wall Panel

Flat Insulated Wall Panel

Where style and energy efficiency are a priority, our Flat insulated wall panel is the answer. Its high-tech, soft stucco surface gives it a sleek architectural appearance, making the Flat panel a preferred option for many design styles. The 40″ wide panels are available in 2″, 2.5″, 3″ or 4″ thicknesses. Lengths are 8′-0″ to 32′-0″ as a standard.
Flat Panel Specifications


Legacy Insulated Wall Panels

Our long-standing insulated wall panels offer an attractive, energy-efficient solution to your building needs. One of the most sophisticated building products on the market, they are available as standard at Texas & Utah plant locations. View our Insulated Panel Brochure.

ST40 Insulated Metal Panel

ST40 - Striated Insulated Wall Panels

The ST40 Striated Insulated Metal Panel offers a clean, flat appearance. Its light embossed exterior is profiled with narrow longitudinal striations that adds rigidity to the panel and helps ensure an acceptable flatness tolerance.


DM40 Insulated Metal Panel Profile

DM40 - Plank Profile Insulated Wall Panels

The DM40‘s low profile and linear exterior is an economical choice perfect for commercial construction, including cold storage. Its low profile liner exterior surface simplifies flashing connections, which inhibits moisture vapor transmission. DM40 features a light embossed exterior and interior texture.


HE40 Heavy Embossed Insulated Metal Panel Profile

HE40 – Heavy Embossed Insulated Metal Panels

The flat exterior of the HE40 insulated panel features a heavily embossed stucco texture. This exterior mimics the look of masonry stucco and is an ideal option where design character is desired. The heavy embossed exterior adds rigidity to the panel while maintaining a patterned flat appearance. This panel is also available with AdobeTexture.