Insulated Metal Wall Panels

At American Buildings, our insulated wall panels embody attractive styling with cutting-edge efficiency. Designed to accommodate the needs of virtually any building, our insulated panels are ideal for adding visual interest, while providing superior energy efficiency and a clean architectural appearance to your building. Manufactured by our sister company, Metl-Span, our panels install quickly and easily, with fasteners that are concealed within the panel side joint.

Mesa Insulated Metal Panel

Mesa Insulated Wall Panel

Especially suited for long-length walls, Mesa insulated wall panel offers a modern look, adding a visual interest to the flat expanse of metal on large projects, making it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial buildings, including cold storage. The lightly corrugated profile on both faces creates symmetry on the outside of the building and room to room within. The minor rib provides a flattened appearance. Mesa panels are ideal for commercial, institutional & industrial  applications.
Mesa Panel Specifications

Light Mesa Insulated Metal Panel

Light Mesa Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The Metl-Span Light Mesa insulated metal wall panel is well suited for exterior and interior walls and ceiling applications. The shallower version of the Mesa profile creates symmetry on the outside of the building and room to room within. The exterior is lightly profiled with a 1/16″ deep, longitudinal corrugations spaced at nominal 4″ on center. The minor rib  provides a more flattened appearance. Light Mesa panels are ideal for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.
Light Mesa Panel Specifications

Santa Fe Insulated Metal Panel

Santa Fe Insulated Metal Wall Panel

Our Santa Fe insulated metal panel has a flat exterior profile with a heavy, embossed stucco texture. This design mimics the look of a masonry stucco finish, while maintaining the value of an insulated metal panel. The heavy embossed feature adds rigidity to the panel, yet maintains a flat, patterned appearance. Ideal for facilities where design character is desired, the Santa Fe panel is ideal for high-end applications.
Santa Fe Specifications

Striated Insulated Metal Panel

Striated Insulated Metal Wall Panel

An attractive alternative to flat wall panels, the Striated insulated metal panel is lightly profiled with narrow longitudinal striations. The subtle shadow effect created by the striations provide up-close interest, yet exhibit a virtually flat appearance from a distance. The Striated wall panel is an exceptional value, combining the aesthetics of a flat wall panel with the high insulation ratings of a polyurethane core. This panel is a perfect solution for buildings that must meet stricter codes regarding insulation, while maintaining a modern style & appearance.
Striated Panel Specifications


Legacy Insulated Wall Panels

Our long-standing insulated wall panels offer an attractive, energy-efficient solution to your building needs. One of the most sophisticated building products on the market, they are available as standard at Texas & Utah plant locations. View our Insulated Panel Brochure.

ST40 Insulated Metal Panel

ST40 - Striated Insulated Wall Panels

The ST40 Striated Insulated Metal Panel offers a clean, flat appearance. Its light embossed exterior is profiled with narrow longitudinal striations that adds rigidity to the panel and helps ensure an acceptable flatness tolerance.


DM40 Insulated Metal Panel Profile

DM40 - Plank Profile Insulated Wall Panels

The DM40‘s low profile and linear exterior is an economical choice perfect for commercial construction, including cold storage. Its low profile liner exterior surface simplifies flashing connections, which inhibits moisture vapor transmission. DM40 features a light embossed exterior and interior texture.


HE40 Heavy Embossed Insulated Metal Panel Profile

HE40 – Heavy Embossed Insulated Metal Panels

The flat exterior of the HE40 insulated panel features a heavily embossed stucco texture. This exterior mimics the look of masonry stucco and is an ideal option where design character is desired. The heavy embossed exterior adds rigidity to the panel while maintaining a patterned flat appearance. This panel is also available with AdobeTexture.