At American Buildings, our warranties offer a wide variety of coverage and tougher inspections, all tailored to fit you or your client’s needs. Our highly flexible multi-level warranty packages can provide you with as little or as much coverage as you or your project requires. Our WeatherSure warranty includes a Manufacturer’s Workmanship warranty, a 25 year Exterior Material and Finish warranty offering protection against fading, chipping or peeling, and more. Additionally, American Buildings offers an optional 35 year Exterior Finish Warranty. Contact your American sales representative for more information.

How do I request a pre-warranty inspection?

A pre-warranty inspection may be requested by phone, email or by faxing the Warranty Inspection Request form. Pre-inspection checklists are also available for our Builders. Weather tightness warranties guarantee the workmanship of the installer, and as such must be inspected to be sure the roofing system has been installed correctly. Material and Finish warranties do not require inspection.

How do I obtain a list of CICP contractors?

A list of CICP Supervisors is routinely published after each CICP class. As an American Builder or Contractor, you can request this information by contacting us directly.

Who can sell premium warranties?

The premium warranties are available at Level 3 and NDL. Only those builders who employ American Buildings CICP certified supervisors may sell premium warranties. The builder must be able to show that the installer of the roof has CICP credentials in the form of a valid and current CICP Supervisor ID Number.

How do I request warranty service?

If you need warranty service, please complete a Leak Investigation Request form and send to us. An American representative will contact you regarding the status of your request.