Building Materials Outlet Complex

This project comprises three interconnected custom metal buildings—a warehouse, a retail and office space, and a showroom—for one of the largest suppliers of structural building products, components, and services in the U.S. residential construction market.

The warehouse features an off-ridge monitor with clerestory windows for daylighting. The retail and office building is perpendicular to the warehouse, requiring a large hip with varying roof pitches to accommodate differing ridge heights. It also features five large roof-top dormers and a mezzanine, with an elevated mechanical platform and interior stairwell opening.

The showroom’s custom metal framed entry and variable roof pitch entry canopy convey the style. Each building features American’s Loc Seam 360 roof system and R-Panel and Reverse R-Panel wall panels in differing colors, providing visual contrast and interest.

  • Location: Carbondale, CO
  • Size: 28,323 sf
  • Wall System: R-Panel & Reverse-R
  • Wall Color: Terra Cotta & Reflective White
  • Roof System: Loc Seam 360
  • Roof Color: Slate Gray & Charcoal
  • End Use: Building Materials Outlet

  • Builder: Big Johnson Construction
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