Asymmetrical Clear Span Building Design

As part of Copper & King's outdoor courtyard, they chose an American Buildings pre-engineered metal building to create a stunning covered pavilion with cathedral ceilings, chandeliers, and fans. This custom steel building features an asymmetrical, clear span design. It is clad with Loc Seam 360 Roof System, with spandrel beams to provide added support for the cedar sided walls.

Copper & Kings Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky uses traditional copper pot-distillation to forge non-traditional craft-distilled, natural, pure pot-still American brandies. Their facility offers a innovative and versatile venue to host events. 

  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Size: 1,900 sf
  • Roof System: Loc Seam 360
  • Roof Color: Black
  • End Use: Event Center

  • Builder: Cardinal Services
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