Corporate Office Buildings - Skylights - Solar Panels

This corporate office complex incorporates design elements found in several nearby wineries that embrace the metal building concepts, an Agrarian feel, and some modern features. The 25,000 sf facility includes an additional 10,000 sf of partial mezzanine space. American’s Loc Seam 360 roof system, and dormers highlight the architecturally pleasing roof lines. In addition to skylights, numerous floor to ceiling windows provide for natural light, and roof-mounted solar panels add to the energy conservation.

Nugget Markets is a family owned and operated company based in Northern California dedicated to creating an extraordinary grocery experience.

  • Location: Davis, CA
  • Size: 35,000 sf
  • Roof System: LocSeam 360
  • Roof Color: Slate Gray
  • End Use: Corporate Complex

  • Builder: Stuart James Construction, Inc.
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