Warehouse Expansion with Daylighting & Insulated Panels

An expansion to an existing structure that includes a new clear span warehouse with a connected two-story office. A 4,000 sf metal canopy joins this addition to the existing building.

Maximizing energy costs using Daylighting & Insulated Metal Panels: Energy saving prismatic skylights with lighting controls were used within the warehouse for natural lighting and energy conservation. Energy was further conserved by the use of HE40A insulated metal panels that feature a stucco appearance achieved by the AdobeTexture™ finish.

  • Location: Salinas, CA
  • Size: 37,180 sf
  • Wall System: HE40A insulated metal panels with AdobeTexture™
  • Roof System: LongSpan III
  • End Use: Seed processing warehouse

  • Builder: Ausonio Incorporated
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