• Location: Shelbyville, IN
  • Size: 7,000 sf
  • Wall System: Architectural III
  • Roof System: Long Span III
  • End Use: Food grade cornhouse

  • Builder: Runnebohm Construction Co., Inc.

Time was critical in constructing this custom building, as the previous structure was destroyed by fire. An offset ridge at 75’ adds a unique view, with differing roof slopes to match the split eave heights. A below-eave canopy runs along half the length of the building’s exterior. The interior consists of full height partition walls to separate the process areas and partial-height liner panels to the girt elevations.

This agricultural facility processes GMO and non-GMO food grade corn, soybean seed, and soybeans to various snack manufacturers for end use in products such as snack food, corn meal, grits, hominy & tortillas.