• Location: Madison, WI
  • Size: 10,500 sf
  • Wall System: Archiectural III
  • Roof System: Standing Seam
  • End Use: Bicycle sales & service

Erik’s Bike Shop in Madison is a 10,500 sf single slope retail facility with a conventionally-framed radius roof over the main entrance area. The curved roof system is clad with Ultra-Batten red standing seam concealed-fastener panels, while the vertical wall surfaces under the curved rooserserf and at the entrance sport Ultra-Rib silver horizontal concealed-fastener wall panels.

The main pre-engineered metal building surfaces include ABC Architectural III wall panels, with the main roof system a Galvalume® ABC Standing Seam. A free standing sign support system wraps around both the north and east walls at the entrance area, and is painted bright red to match the decorative curved roof panels.