Hybrid Construction. Spandrel Beam Supports.

An American Buildings metal building system was utilized in lieu of a conventionally framed steel building to create a hybrid structure providing a more economical and practical solution.

This system utilizes metal building unsupported and standard columns, rafters, multiple flush below eave canopies, rectangular spandrel beams to support metal stud framing with horizontal siding and butt glazing store front system, channel spandrel beams and structural purlin angles to support exterior load bearing metal stud framing, with exterior sheeting, fluid applied weather barrier with various types of exterior metal panels.

  • Location: Springfield, MO
  • Size: 8,400 sf
  • Wall System: Architectural III with others
  • Roof System: Standing Seam 360
  • End Use: Bicycle sales & service

  • Builder: Williams Construction Company
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