Roof Curb System

Curb mounted prismatic skylight

A quality roof curb system is one of the key barriers against the outside elements of any building

It is important that a roof curb is designed for a specific type of roof. Roof curbs that are effective for flat built up or flat single ply roofs can be a disaster when used with standing seam metal roof panels. In fact, even when working with standing seam metal roofing a roof curb should be designed for the manufacturer’s specific roof profile. “One curb fits all metal roofs” can be a prescription for disaster.

Roof Curb Versus a Roof Curb System

Although choosing a roof curb specially designed for a specific metal roof profile is critical, it is only part of a successful Roof Curb System. The definition of a system is a collection of interacting, interrelated components that result in predictable, consistent, positive performance.


Over the past 30 years, we have chosen specific quality components based on our experience in field performance.  For a successful curbed skylight installation, it is essential that every roof curb component has been selected to withstand severe weather conditions over a long period of time. Even substandard products can perform in the short-term. The key is to select high-quality components that will stand the test of time. Put simply, a quality Roof Curb System is one of the key barriers against the outside elements for any building.